Back from Hell, or the Wonders of Connectivity

The couple of avid readers I have (dear, dear people, what’s life worth without you?) might have noticed my month long silence. I wasn’t home. I was in Miluim. Military reserve duty.

I was in the Palestinian Occupied territories. It was hell, for all the wrong reasons. I should (and will) write about it soon. But for the time being, I only wish to remark upon the wonders of modern connectivity.

When I finished my reserve duty, I took a hitch-hike from the military base to the neighboring big settlement. I needed a bus to Tel Aviv. The man who gave me the lift was a very amiable bread distributor with a decaying van. He put me at the bus stop, and carried on before I had time to take my (huge) bag. Now I had my wallet on me, but my bag had not only laundry, but also some math books I desperately needed back.

It took me half an hour to find the man.I find it completely mind boggling. I only knew he was distributing bread. I called my wife on my cell phone, and she called some groceries in the vicinity, and got his cellphone number from them. In the meantime, he got back home, discovered my bag, found out my address from some papers there, called my local municipality, and they gave him my number. We found each other in less than half an hour.

What does that tell us about today’s connectivity? You can reach almost anyone within a very short time, starting with minuscule details. For someone raised in the 80’s, like me, this is amazing.

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