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Are you a Zionist? (part 1)

I live in a rather tiny village – no more than 60 family homes, on a small Galilean mountain top. The village’s infrastructure are somewhat (meagerly) supported by “The Jewish Agency of Israel“. I’m not quite sure what exactly they are doing to help the village. They did buy the land for the village, but, after all, we had to buy the land from them (though I’ve signed a legal piece of paper giving them the right to evacuate me from my home “in accordance to the national interest”), and the infrastructure (roads, sewers, electricity, etc.) are paid for by the settlers themselves (that is, by us). But I needed to register at their offices and get their formal approval to join the village. So far so good. True, I have been denied some inessential assistance by a religious clerk who resented the fact that my wife and I are not “officially married” by a Rabbi. But that didn’t matter much. At least it didn’t matter enough for us to rush and get a religious matrimonial ceremony at the nearby Rabbinical institution. But my resentment of religiously defining my life is not the issue of this entry.

The issue here is ethnicity.
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