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A philosophy-of-science proof of the afterlife

Matt Springer has a nice (and very confused) take on the problem of scientific proof. Following him I have devised this amazing scientific proof to the existence of an afterlife:

There are two possibilities:

  1. Proposition 1: There is no after-life. I do not exist after my death.
  2. Proposition 2: There is an after-life. I would still exist after I die.

As Matt rightly spots, Proposition 1 is unverifiable. If you don’t exist after you die, then you cannot know it.
Hence, it is disqualified under the pretense of being unscientific.
Proposition 2, however, is verifiable, because if it were true, then I would clearly know that when I discover I have died and retain my existence. But if proposition 2 was false, then proposition 1, which is unscientific, would be true. But if truth is only scientific truth, then proposition 1 cannot be true.


Can you spot the errors?